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Let My Light Shine Bright
(Lorenz Mayerhofer)

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    Intro: There is sunshine in my soul!
    Sunshine, so sunny warm an bright,
    So sunny warm an bright!,
    Ref.: |: Let my light shine bright
    Through the night, through the day.
    all the way to you! :|
  1. When I fall, you come around,
    To pick me up from of the ground.
    When I'm down, you're allways there
    To pick me up, because you care.
  2. Ref.: Let my light shine bright…
  3. People try, try to be free,
    But they are not, why can't they see,
    That you died to set them free,
    Our saviour for eternity?
  4. Ref.: Let my light shine bright…